How TicketBreaker Works:


1. Enter Your Violation Info

Answer a few quick questions about your traffic ticket, including the citation number and date, plus any situational information.


2. Print & Assemble Your Paperwork

Print the prepared trial by declaration paperwork and include any additional information that supports your case (photos, parking receipts, vehicle documentation, etc.).


3. Send Your Paperwork to the Court

Send all documents to your assigned court, including payment for your bail amount, and await the court's decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tickets can I fight?

The most common types of tickets fought with are:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Red light violations
  • Stop sign tickets
  • Car pool violations
  • Turn signal tickets
  • Other moving violations

How long does it take? will e-mail you the completed trial by declaration paperwork within the hour. However, the court can take up to 90 days from your assigned appearance date to return a verdict. The time you can expect to wait depends entirely on your specific court.

Will I receive points on my license?

If you win your trial by declaration, any points related to your violation will not appear on your driving record.

Will I need to take traffic school?

As long as you win your case, you won't need to attend traffic school.

Can I still fight my violation in court?

Sure! If your trial by declaration is not successful, you can still fight the violation in person by appearing before a judge and the issuing officer.

Do I need to pay my ticket fine/bail?

Yes. With any trial by declaration, you'll still need to pay your ticket fine/bail amount. This will be refunded if you win your case.

I need additional legal advice on my traffic ticket. Can you help me?

We are only able to provide help with filling out the Trial by Written Declaration form at this time. As we are not a law firm, we do not practice law and cannot give you any legal advice. For further help with legal issues, please contact a local traffic attorney.

I have some questions regarding my ticket, such as fee fines, due dates, etc. Can you help me?

We are a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency and do not have access to any information pertaining to your specific ticket. For questions regarding your ticket, contact the assigned court located on your citation.